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Our challenge was to figure the ideal way to  communicate to a wide age range within the Saudi Arabian female target for Vatika Naturals. The main hindrance was the wide variety of product categories and hair concerns with little target insight.


For Vatika, we stepped into the shoes of the Saudi Arabian women. Using our SRM tools, we developed market, competitive and target insights that delved deep into the psyche of our target, understanding her social and personal challenges, as well as her haircare needs. We also created a new brand architecture that could speak to women across a range of Middle Eastern countries, understanding what’s working online within the category.

Target insights revealed women need to be communicated with authentic visuals, and on more than just hair issues. Market and SRM insights informed on the latest content strategies currently driving engagement in the category, such as UGC and before/after content. We delivered a new brand positioning and a strategic social media strategy with proposed concepts such as “The New Natural” and “365 Haircare” that enabled an integrated offline and online approach to build our authentic content.