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One of the most crucial things for an event to succeed is the right sponsor. Our challenge with IDC CIO SUMMIT Middle East was to not only spread the word about the event but to also procure sponsors. This was particularly difficult due to the fact that the event required sponsors only from renowned companies within a restricted geography.


We started off first by understanding the landscape and creating a sponsor brand positioning strategy that identified a USP of, “Connect to your Future Now” based on IDC’s ability to provide the best platform to connect to prospective customers, predict trends and help build a business for the future.

We developed a social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, using the IDC Global brand to support growth. We developed a B2B campaign that included defined social media Content Strategy, Google AdWords , Database Emails, LinkedIn InMails, and Sponsored posts on FB and LinkedIn.

At the end of the campaign period we significantly crossed industry benchmarks and generated 37 sponsor leads in 2 months, 1 of which converted as a sponsor of a value of over $150,000.