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As a healthy snack delivery brand, FabBox, faced a significant challenge in it’s high cost per customer. With a cart value of an average of Rs.1000, FabBox had a CPA of over 1700. Essentially the brand ended up shelling 700+ out of it’s own pocket for every customer acquired. The challenge was to bring down the cost as low as possible and maximise their profits using only paid media. In peak festival period (October-December) this required very accurate strategy and targeting.


Our first step was to get a thorough understanding of the brand’s target audience from both a Demographic / Psychographic perspective as well as their varied interests. Having built an in-depth audience profile the Media Planning team crafted a phase wise strategy across multiple media platforms from Facebook to Google and across various methods such as custom audiences, retargeting, abandoned cart ads etc.

Over the course of the 3 month period, our team was able to bring down the CPA from 1700 to below 180 which was lower than the client’s target of 200.