Who We Are

We start at the finish line

We are an eclectic bunch of people. From number-hungry left-brainers to art-driven right-brainers, our team is as diverse as it gets. Some of us were born in the snail-mail era while some of us think of personal connect as a WhatsApp forward. #shudder. We are like your crazy-drunk uncle who can go from discussing politics to marveling over the latest episode of Game of Thrones in a single breath. On most days, however, you can find us huddled in a room arguing over how we can push the boundaries of digital for our brands and do what would make most people call us “nuts”.

No, we don’t shed a tear when a client is pissed at us; we are absolutely gutted. We take things personally, cry over our dinners and come back the next day determined to be even crazier. Our idea of excellence is simple, to leave people speechless. After all, as the great Mr. Jobs said, it’s the crazy ones who change the world.